The Equity Project is committed to advancing racial equity through radical access. We are proud to announce the opening of our new space in Kensington, a racially and economically segregated neighborhood, whose youth are experiencing some of the most profound challenges in Philadelphia. In addition to historic divestment, intergenerational poverty, and the legacies of systemic racism, Kensington is at the epicenter of the opioid epidemic and has recently experienced an exponential rise in gun violence, exposing our youth to unprecedented levels of violence, human suffering, and trauma.

We have focused our work here because:

  • the adverse impacts of complex trauma (exposure to multiple events over a period of time – which in Kensington includes gun violence, bystander trauma from the opioid epidemic and deep poverty) on youth are pervasive and multilayered;
  • tragically, one of the strongest predictors of youth gun violence is exposure to violence (Stein et al., 2003; Everytown Research & Policy, 2021); and
  • these risk factors are compounded by a dire lack of resources that foster healing and resilience for Black and Brown youth in Kensington

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