Equity Works

Our innovative Employment, Advancement, and Retention Network (EARN) program serves low-income families who have experienced homelessness and housing insecurity in the past. We support our families as they reestablish their own homes and address the personal, financial, familial, and behavioral health consequences that the trauma of housing insecurity inflicts on all family members. At TEP, families build the resiliency, skills, and aptitude needed to find and maintain family-sustaining employment.

Families partner with us to achieve their goals. By addressing the family’s needs and barriers holistically, we help create improved housing and employment outcomes and an improved sense of family wellbeing. The program is housed in a new, state-of-the-art space incorporating natural elements and trauma-informed architectural principles to inspire and welcome the whole family.

The Equity Project is committed to finding safe, fair, and dignified employment for members. We work closely with partner employers in the region to match them with members who are a strong fit for their needs.