The Equity Project is closed until further notice. For information and resources regarding EARN, please visit

We want you to know that you are not alone during these unprecedented times. Even though our office is closed, The Equity Project is here to provide access to our team as a support network for you and your family. Please feel free to contact our Coronavirus Support Line with your question. You can call us at 215.863.1313, email us at or direct message us on Instagram and Facebook at @equityphilly. Our team of leaders will partner with you to answer your question within 24 hours. Our community is strong and we will continue to be strong because we choose to stand together!

The Equity Project is committed to advancing racial equity through radical access. We believe every community has the right to spaces that inspire, transformative services, and the resources we all need to reach our full human potential.  

With Kensington. For Kensington.


We build the power and capacity of low-income families, especially low-income families of color, to fulfill their ambitions and make positive change in their communities. Our work is trauma-informed, culturally empowering, and grounded in the recognition of human dignity. All services and programs are community-driven, responsive and collaborative. 

Join our community. 

Visit our space and play a game with our youth, help us tend our indoor forest or share your talents in community workshops.  

Connect with us to learn more about board membership and volunteer opportunities.