The Equity Project is committed to advancing racial equity through radical access.  We believe every community has the right to spaces that inspire, transformative services, and the resources needed to reach our full human potential.
We are a comprehensive Kensington-based organization that provides safe spaces and trauma-informed programming to support Black and Brown youth in healing from trauma, building resilience and advocating for change.

Designed using biophilic and trauma-informed principles, our space features high ceilings, tall windows, plentiful sunlight, natural greenery,  hardwood floors, non-fluorescent lighting, soothing smells, calming colors, and comforting sounds. It is replete with sensory-friendly tools and toys including a therapeutic swing, hand-held manipulatives and an art studio that help youth calm, express themselves, and alleviate stress.  Youth have access to state-of-the-art visual and digital media technology, in addition to the essentials of human dignity – fresh food, laundry facilities, period products – and a large, newly renovated kitchen where we gather to cook, eat and connect.